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Alien Series 1 - Kubricks - 2 Inch Action Figure Mystery Assortment


These elaborate and impressive figures are random and blind-packaged. Each pack will receive one of the following figures:

Alien Warrior: The entire focus of the movie, the biomechanically-glazed horror slithering through the lightless ducts and passageways, picking off the crew of the Nostromo one by one…

White Spacesuit Ripley: Ripley is the warrant officer and the voice of reason. Had her fellow crewmen only listened to her, the whole movie might never have happened. Of course, being Ripley, scourge of Xenomorphs, she was the one to ultimately take the reins and eject the Alien into space.

Patient Kane/Facehugger accessory: Executive officer and general pariah. Kane brings aboard the Facehugger---which in turn heralds the tadpole-cute Chestburster and then the uber-lethal crew-annihilating Alien Warrior.

Ash/wrench: Mild-mannered Science Officer Ash is also psychotic super-killer android imbued with an Alien-preservation agenda that remanded the whole crew to stark expendability. In one of the crazier moments of the movie, Ash violently attempted to kill Ripley.

Parker/flamethrower: Chief Engineer Parker served as Ripley’s antagonist through some of the earlier parts of the movie, though he ended up helping to defend her against the maniacally-powerful Ash.
Alternativly the rare chase face hugger with Egg figure is randomly inserted in some cases.


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